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The therapeutic agreement is bound by confidentiality and is a cornerstone of professional psychology practice.  I abide by the Data Protection Act and professional codes of ethics and practice.  Everything discussed within the session remains confidential between us, with some some exceptions that it is important to be aware of.  


All practising counselling psychologists are required to have monthly clinical supervision for their work in order to maintain best practice and safeguard clients.  The supervision contract itself is bound by confidentiality and the identities of all cases taken to supervision are safeguarded.


There are also certain exceptions under the law where a psychologist is bound to disclose (e.g. under the Terrorism Act 2000; Drug Trafficking Act 1994; Proceeds of Crime Act 2002; Money Laundering Regulations 2007 or where the psychologist is subpoenaed by a court of law).  

In addition psychologists have an obligation to keep clients and others safe (e.g. where there is a psychological or physical risk to the client or another person; where there is current and ongoing child abuse).

If I have any concerns regarding any of the above circumstances I will always strive to discuss them with them immediately and reach an agreement and plan of action with you.  Confidentiality is described further in my written agreement, which you will be given at the first consultation, and I am happy to discuss this further if you have any concerns.  

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