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Initial Consultation

The first meeting  (often referred to as assessment') can feel daunting if this is your first experience of psychological therapy, but in reality it is an opportunity for you to unburden yourself and talk about what is troubling you in a supportive and relaxed environment away from the pressures of life. You will be able to ask questions about therapy and to get some indication if therapy is a way forward for you.  It enables us to consider together what is going to be most helpful for you.  I will describe how I generally work and give you information to take away and consider.  

The first meeting is typically longer than treatment sessions and we are usually together for up to 1.5 hrs.  


Treatment sessions are an hour with the exception of some EMDR sessions, which may be 1.5 hrs but we will always plan this in advance.  As everyone is different it is impossible to accurately predict the length of treatment.  However I generally suggest that we start with booking in six sessions on a weekly basis and review towards the end of that time, when we decide how we will move forward.  

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