Counselling Psychology 

Why choose a Counselling Psychologist?

Counselling Psychologists specialise in delivering evidence based psychological treatments, individually formulated, for a wide spectrum of problems and conditions.  As applied psychologists they pay attention to scientific research and appropriate treatment options, whilst tailoring treatments to the individual.  


What is a Counselling Psychologist's training?

A counselling psychologist's training is rigorous.  The initial training is an undergraduate degree in psychology followed by a minimum of three to five years post graduate specialist training.  The trainee is required to work with different client populations in different contexts in order to become proficient in at least two of the major therapeutic approaches.  An important feature of the training is the requirement to undergo at least 40 hours of their own personal therapy and this is a unique requirement amongst the applied psychologies.  It enables the counselling psychologist to work sensitively and compassionately from a basis of self awareness and understanding of the client role.  


How are Counselling Psychologists regulated?

Counselling psychology is a profession regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the term 'counselling psychologist' is a protected title.