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                                                   Clinical Supervision 

Supervision is a mandatory requirement for all practising psychological therapists and we all recognise the value of supervision but finding the right supervisor is not easy.  While we acknowledge that regular supervision protects clients and ensures we are working safely and ethically, it is essential that supervision also contributes to personal and professional well being and growth as a practitioner.  We need to feel secure enough in the supervisory relationship to bring all aspects of our work - and ourselves in the work - to supervision and allow ourselves a space to reflect on good outcomes and areas we want to develop.  Research (e.g. Yourman & Farber, 1996*) shows us that sometimes disclosing our vulnerabilities in supervision can be difficult so the strength of the supervisory relationship and the quality of the supervisory environment are paramount.  I believe that the best kind of supervision is where supervision is a collaborative endeavour, where both supervisor and supervisee work together in service of the client and best practice in an environment that is trusting and secure yet creative and stimulating.  

I provide supervision for applied psychologists (clinical and counselling psychologists), psychotherapists / counsellors and specialist CBT supervision .  Since my supervision practice began in 1998 I have worked with  groups and individuals, from new trainees to qualified and experienced clinicians, who work in private practice as well as within both statutory and voluntary specialist organisations.

Supervision is available face to face, via Skype or Face time or on the telephone .  Where supervision is via Skype / Face time / telephone I do suggest that at least our first meeting is face to face and I do think it is helpful if we subsequently meet face to face occasionally if this is feasible.  

I qualified in supervision in 2001 with Bristol University and am accredited as a supervisor with BACP, BABCP and am on the BPS Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors (RAPPS).  My doctoral thesis was on clinical supervision 'Supervision in the Psychological Therapies' and is free to read in full on the British Library website at Follow the link and type in 'Supervision in the Psychological Therapies' to view.  

*Yourman, D.B. & Farber, B.A. (1996). Non disclosure and distortion in psychotherapy supervision. Psychotherapy, 33 (4), 567-575.

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